12-Aug-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
if anyone has an old electric typewriter that somewhat work or you need to get rid of one please let me know I can pick it up anytime.
4-Aug-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of moving boxes, all sizes. Approximately 30-50 boxes of varying sizes.
27-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
In need of some moving boxes
16-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Description: Looking for a Wood Grain Wheel from a 300M or LH vehicle. Needs to be Wood Grain and dark gray almost black.
16-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Description: Looking for a set of chrome 300M switches for my car.
11-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Single mom of 2 teenage boys. Oldest is leaving in a few weeks for college & I know he would love a lava. Thx
11-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
The college suggests bringing a foot chest for storage. If anyone is willing to donate one that's in good decent shape please let me know. Thx
10-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
My grandson is 11 years old. Size 11/12. And size 6 to 6 1/2 shoe. even gently used will greatly be appreciated .
5-Jul-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Landlord wants to charge me $150 for them to send someone to cut our grass, I can't find anyone who charges less than $50. I'm a single mom of 3 and money is tight, cutting the grass myself would save me so much money. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a regular, basic gas push lawn mower. Thank you
30-Jun-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a trampoline for my 3 kids. They are all very active and need some way to release that energy (while also saveing myself some sanity lol). I'd prefer a trampoline that has a safety net around it but the safety net isn't a must, all 3 have been on trampolines that did not have nets. Thank you for your help
21-Jun-2018Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Anything helps, any unwanted diapers, wipes, blankets, bedding. Greatly appreciated.
31-May-2014Augusta, GA +11 milesItems Wanted
Im wanting to buy fishing equip, military gear and clothes, and ammo of all types. Call Bob 706-231-4992
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